Emergency Guide

The following information is provided by the Whitsunday Disaster Management Group for residents of the Whitsunday Region.

Find out what to do and who to call in an emergency anywhere in the Whitsunday region. Our emergency guide covers a number of natural disaster scenarios and includes official action-plan information from the Whitsunday Regional Council.

Disaster Types

Find out more about the following scenarios here, or download the entire emergency guide as one printable document.

Cyclone Storm Tide Bushfire

Getting Information During a Disaster

Whitsunday Disaster Coordination Centre Activation

The Whitsunday Disaster Coordination Centre will be activated and manned by emergency agencies and council staff to coordinate resources responding to a disaster event, such as a cyclone, flood, or bush fire.

The centre may not necessarily be activated prior to the impact of the event, but will be activated following the event.

The area for which the Whitsunday Disaster Coordination Centre is responsible includes the Whitsunday Regional Council area.

Advice will be communicated to residents when the centre is operational via available sources such as local radio, Council’s website and the Whitsunday Disaster and Emergency Information Facebook page.

Persons requiring assistance following an event should contact the centre and provide information as requested by the telephone operator.

Contact Detail

Disaster Coordination Centre Phone
1300 972 006

Disaster and Information Facebook Page

Council Website: Disaster Management Pages

Communication Of Advice To The Public

Advice from the Disaster Coordination Centre to the public prior to, during and following an event will be provided by at least the following radio stations:


  • ABC Local Radio 630 AM
  • GEM FM 95.1 FM
  • 4TO FM 98.3 FM
  • Hot FM 107.9 FM


  • ABC Local Radio 106.1 FM


  • Sea FM 98.7 FM
  • Hot FM 100.3 FM
  • ABC Local Radio 101.1 FM

Airlie Beach

  • ABC Local Radio 89.9 FM
  • Star 101.9 90.7 FM
  • 4MK FM 91.5 FM
  • Sea FM 92.3 FM
  • Hot FM 94.7 FM

Normal radio/telephone/internet communications may be disrupted during a disaster, so have a working transistor radio with a fresh supply of batteries in your home, and ensure all family members know where it is.