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  1. 26 November

    Hamilton Island Airport head elected to industry board Read More

    The board will help steer the airport sector through some of the most challenging times since WWII

  2. 26 November

    Not just physical: The DV behaviour to be outlawed Read More

    New Queensland laws will affirm that domestic violence is not just physical – controlling behaviour will also become a crime.

  3. 26 November

    ‘RIDICULOUS’: Sparks fly over Shute Harbour Read More

    A ‘minor’ change could put a spanner in the works of the $50M restoration project.

  4. 26 November

    Best holiday deals as state opens for business Read More

    With interstate bookings surging up to 300 per cent since the Sunshine State opened its borders, Queenslanders will be battling southerners for holiday spots.

  5. 26 November

    Parents’ wake up call as obesity and sunburn risks rise Read More

    REPORT CARD: Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday’s youth recording worrying obesity and sunburn rates


  1. Airlie Beach / Whitsundays

    Temp. 26°C feels like 24°C

    Humidity 79%

    Chance of Rain 20%

    Mostly sunny. Mostly sunny.

    7 day forecast & more
  2. Proserpine

    Temp. 23°C feels like 25°C

    Humidity 88%

    Chance of Rain 30%

    Partly cloudy. Partly cloudy.

    7 day forecast & more
  3. Bowen

    Temp. 24°C feels like 27°C

    Humidity 84%

    Chance of Rain 30%

    Partly cloudy. Partly cloudy.

    7 day forecast & more
  4. Mackay

    Temp. 25°C feels like 26°C

    Humidity 74%

    Chance of Rain 10%

    Mostly sunny. Mostly sunny.

    7 day forecast & more

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