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  1. 16 June

    Thick layer of fog blankets Brisbane Read More

    Queensland's Bureau of Meteorology has issued a road weather alert for hazardous driving conditions in the city.

  2. 15 June

    Biloela asylum seeker family reunited in Perth Read More

    The Tamil family will be allowed to live in community detention, while their youngest daughter receives medical treatment and they continue their legal fight. Andrew Probyn reports.

  3. 15 June

    Third suspicious house fire at Hamilton in Brisbane Read More

    Police have declared a crime scene at Hamilton on Brisbane’s northside after a third suspicious house fire.

  4. 15 June

    Coal seam gas company drills wells under private property without notice Read More

    A coal seam gas company has drilled under farmland without notifying landholders, potentially leaving them uninsured and their land devalued. Nathan Morris reports.

  5. 14 June

    Biloela asylum seeker family likely to be allowed to stay Read More

    It's understood the Federal Government is on the verge of announcing a solution to their visa status. James Carmody reports.


  1. Airlie Beach / Whitsundays

    Temp. 21°C feels like 23°C

    Humidity 99%

    Chance of Rain 70%

    Shower or two. Shower or two.

    7 day forecast & more
  2. Proserpine

    Temp. 21°C feels like 24°C

    Humidity 94%

    Chance of Rain 70%

    Shower or two. Shower or two.

    7 day forecast & more
  3. Bowen

    Temp. 21°C feels like 24°C

    Humidity 96%

    Chance of Rain 50%

    Shower or two. Shower or two.

    7 day forecast & more
  4. Mackay

    Temp. 19°C feels like 21°C

    Humidity 97%

    Chance of Rain 70%

    Shower or two. Shower or two.

    7 day forecast & more

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Our maps show all of the best local sights and activities throughout Airlie Beach, Proserpine, Collinsville, Hydeaway Bay, Dingo Beach, Bowen, Scottsville and Collinsville. Print them and keep a copy in your car for those mobile phone black spots.
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Download and print our calendar for 2016, complete with key whitsunday events and school holidays. Pin it to the fridge!
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See how the day looks right now from a number of locations around Airlie Beach and Abell Point.
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Emergency Guide

Find out what to do and who to call in an emergency anywhere in the Whitsunday region.
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First Aid Guide

Learn the first aid for situations you may encounter in the Whitsundays.
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Find useful contacts throughout the Whitsunday region
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